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Blender – Blendtec vs Vitamix

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Blender – Blendtec HP3A vs Vitamix 5200

Below are six (6) helpful tips gathered on comparison of both the Vitamix vs  Blendtec blender.

  • Cost. This is the most interesting part of it. If you’re wondering if this two will take a huge amount of money out your wallet, yes it will. A Blendtec blender will cost around $1150 for its Classic Series here. Vitamix cost around $1388. These 2 models have different functionalities.
  • Noise. Both of these brands have a relatively loud noise but they are at least five times more efficient than most brands out in the market today.
  • Design. A Vitamix blender standard model uses less power which is at 1380 watts/11.5 amps, a 2-peak horsepower mechanism compared to a Blendtec blender model which utilizes 1560 watts/13 amps, a 3-peak horsepower mechanism. In reality, both brands can blend any food.
  • Speed. Blendtec has a 10-speed capacity which is at 4,080 revolution/minute, a max of 28,000 rpm, while Vitamix’s model has a 10-speed capacity as well but a with an rpm range of 500 up to 37,000, which enables the machine better control at lower speeds. The various speed capacities on both machines will certainly enable you to produce textures from various ingredients.
  • Size. Blendtec’s Home Blender weighs lighter as compared to Vitamix. The height is about 15inch height. Vitamix’s models, on the other hand, weigh around 13lbs and an approximate height of 21.5 inches. Go visit to read more….
  • Both are great blenders. Whichever one you choose you won’t regret it.

Controls and User friendliness. Both machines have user friendly controls, but it differs in its functionality. For more information, please visit

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